Dimethocaine Larocaine CAS 94-15-5

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Dimethocaine Larocaine CAS 94-15-5

Product Name: Dimethocaine
Synonyms: Dimethocaine;NSC 68927;3-Diethylamino-2,2-dimethylpropyl 4-aminobenzoate;4-Aminobenzoic acid 3-(diethylamino)-2,2-dimethylpropyl ester;3-(Diethylamino)-2,2-dimethyl-1-propanol p-aminobenzoate;Larocaine;p-Aminobenzoic acid 3-(diethylamino)-2,2-dimethylpropyl;p-Aminobenzoic acid 3-(diethylamino)-2,2-dimethylpropyl ester
CAS: 94-15-5
MF: C16H26N2O2
MW: 278.39
EINECS: 1592732-453-0

Dimethocaine Larocaine CAS 94-15-5 Usage

Dimethocaine is a local anesthetic with stimulatory properties that is half the potency of cocaine. It is often abused as a legal substitute for cocaine. The drug is administered intravenously or nasally, because ingestion would lead to rapid hydrolyzation.Its positive effects are euphoria, stimulation, increased talkativeness and mood lift.However, because dimethocaine acts similar as cocaine, it has comparable negative side effects. These side effects include: tachycardia, difficulty with breathing, pain on the chest, vasoconstriction, insomnia, paranoia and anxiety.

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