Iodine CAS 7553-56-2

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Iodine CAS 7553-56-2 Products Information

Product Name: Iodine
Synonyms: IodineFlakes,99.998%;Iodine,Resublimed,99.5%;Iodine(Resublimed)ExtraPure;Iodine, 99+%;NLT99,5%orrefined;Iodinespheres,ultradry,-60mesh,99.999%(metalsbasis);Iodine, 0.1 N standard solution;Iodine, for analysis ACS, 99.8+%
CAS: 7553-56-2
MF: I2
MW: 253.81
EINECS: 231-442-4
Appearance: black ball

Iodine CAS 7553-56-2 Usage

Mainly used to manufacture iodide, pesticides, feed additives, dyes, iodine tincture, test paper, drugs, etc.
• Used as electronic industry materials and high purity reagents.
• Used for capacity analysis and colorimetric analysis.
• Used for the basic raw material for making inorganic iodide and organic iodide. It is mainly used in medical and health care to manufacture all kinds of iodine preparations, fungicides, disinfectants, deodorants, analgesics and antidote of radioactive substances. Used for the synthesis of dyes, smoke extinguishing agent, photographic emulsion and antibacterial agent of cutting oil emulsion in industry;
• Used to manufacture electronic instrument such as single crystal prism, optical instrument such as polarizer and a glass being capable of transmitting through infrared rays;
• Used for leather and special soap. Iodine is a good catalyst in organic synthesis reactions of methylation, isomerization and dehydrogenation;
• Used as a separating agent for alkanes and olefins;
• Used as a stabilizer for rosin, tall oil and other wood products;
• Used as a refining agent for high purity zirconium, titanium, hafnium, silicon and germanium;
• Used to formulate equivalent solvent, determinate iodine value, calibrate concentration of sodium thiosulfate solution.

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cas 7553-56-2

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