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PMK ethyl glycidate,CAS 28578-16-7,Molecular Formula C13H14O5,synonyms with PMK BMK;GLYCIDATE;new pmk oil;BMK PMK Oil;GLYCIDATE oil;new p 28578-16-7;Pmk Glycidate Oil;BMK CAS 28578-16-7;PMK ethyl glycidate;Ethyl Glycidate Oil

What is CAS 28578-16-7 PMK ethyl glycidate used for?

PMK ethyl glycidate (Item No. 21990) is an analytical reference standard categorized as a precursor in the synthesis of methylenedioxy phenethylamines and amphetamines, including 3,4-MDMA (Item Nos. ISO60190 | 13971). This product is intended for research and forensic applications.

PMK ethyl glycidate (NSC 195099) is a precursor of M-ALPHA-HMCA, which is a by-product of psychoactive substance MDMA[1]

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pmk oil cas 28578-16-7

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PMK ethyl glycidate cas 28578-16-7

PMK Glycidate,PMK powder,PMK ethyl glycidate, cas 28578-16-7

PMK Glycidate Cas 28578-16-7
Product Name: Methyl 3-[3’,4’-(methylenedioxy)phenyl]-2-methyl glycidate
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The powder gives a high yield(75%) of PMK oil . And the process of converting powder to oil is quite simple and easy, please contact to get recipe.

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How to convert powder to oil?(Below is just a general description of hydrolysis process, you may still need to contact us if you cannot get oil properly.)
1,1kg powder mix with 1kg warm water (around 80 degrees).
2, put in 1kg hydrochloric acid (HCL 37%) and you will see bubble generated.
3,Stirring the mixture for one hour and then stop.
4,After one more hour you will get oil layer in light yellow color.
5,Use separatory funnel to retrieve oil.

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PMK precursors and PMK
(1), 3,4-MDP-2-P intermediate;PMK Glycidate;PMK powder  Cas no:13605-48-6
(2),Piperonyl methyl ketone / PMK Oil / MDP2P  CAS No.: 4676-39-5

BMK precursors and BMK

(1),Alpha-acetylphenylacetonitrile (Cas 4468-48-8)
(2),Benzeneacetic acid, a-acetyl-, methyl ester (Cas 16648-44-5)
(3),3-oxo-2-phenylbutanoic acid ; alpha-Acetylbenzeneacetic acid (Cas 4433-88-9)

【Synonyms of PMK Glycidate,cas 28578-16-7】

PMK intermediate;
3,4-MDP-2-P intermediate;
Appearance: yellow powder;
Assay: 98%min;
Package: 25KG/Drum;
Usage:pharmaceutical intermediate, PMK intermediate, 3,4-MDP-2-P intermediate;


Will the Shipping be 100% Safe Dlivered?and Will I Safe When I receive the Goods?

Shipping is the most important for bulk chemicals,We have the more than 10 years perfessional shipping agent, 100% pass delivery to USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Poland,UK

For bulk more than 100kg,we main use special line,such as DHL,UPS,Purolator,Canada Post,GLS,DPD…..

We will use normal name to make all import documents and relable on the packing such as engine oil,glue,paint to distinguish it to keep the buyer received safe.

How can I buy and How Long will I receive it?

First, Pls tell me How many quantity do you want,then I will give you the best unit price and total amount.

Second, Our Payment Method: MoneyGram, Western Union, Bitcoin,USDT, XMR,T/T Bank transfer,.escrow alibaba (credit card,paypal),Tell me what payment would you like ,I will send you the related account.

Third, Send me the payment record,and your address,phone no,and receiver name,I will send you the goods.

Finally,I will tell you the tracking no and estimate arriving time.

About7-15 days after payment confirmed send by express, like fedex,dhl,tnt,ups.etc.

About 15-20 days after payment confirmed send by special line (Public holidays not included).


Pmk oil cas 28578-16-7 Tracking no to Canada,Netherlands

pmk oil cas 28578-16-7

cas 28578-16-7 Netherlands jenny@amarvelbio.com

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